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ROB SHORTS Monte Carlo 2

ROB SHORTS Monte Carlo 2

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Joining the lineup is the Monte Carlo Edition, a fashion-forward iteration of NATAL DESIGN's classic ROB SHORTS.

Crafted from knitted velour fabric using a unique shiny thread and embossed with a python pattern, this short exudes a luxurious atmosphere with the interplay of the fabric's sheen and the three-dimensional effect of the embossing. It's a luxurious model tailored for a more fashionable, high-casual look.

Despite being shorts, this pair carries a somewhat formal and glamorous appeal. Whether paired with loafers or leather shoes for a clean and sophisticated look or matched with sandals or sneakers, it undoubtedly contributes to an elegant ensemble.

Featuring a grey waist drawstring on the inside, you can tie it to prevent items in your pockets from sagging. The drawstring is also detachable, allowing you to customize your style.

Monte Carlo is designed more for fashion wear than water-related activities. The velour fabric used is water-sensitive, so it's recommended to avoid water activities to prevent potential fading of the python embossing. Please handle with care during washing and follow the washing instructions provided.


  • XS / Waist: 108cm, Rise: 25cm, Inseam: 7cm, Hem-width: 62cm
  • S / Waist: 112cm, Rise: 26cm, Inseam: 8cm, Hem-width: 63cm
  • M / Waist: 116cm, Rise: 27cm, Inseam: 9cm, Hem-width: 64cm
  • L / Waist: 120cm, Rise: 28cm, Inseam: 10cm, Hem-width: 65cm

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