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We have 3 colors which are popular washed "DENIM",
dark blue "ONE WASH" and hard-washed "FADED".
The gourd-shaped quilt is original and very elaborate.
There are buttons to the sleeves to easy to roll up the sleeves.
As it is made of batting, warm and can be used as an inner or outer.

This shirt is a denim quilted shirt, with cotton padding and a popular gourd quilting design. The wrists are closed with snap buttons, making it easy to roll or fold them up. The cotton padding makes it a warm item, which can be worn on its own as a light jacket, or under a coat to keep you warm. The quilted shirt is available in three sizes and three colors; a dark navy “denim” , a lighter wash named “one wash” and a washed light blue in the shade “faded”.


  • XS (Width of a garment: 47cm, Shoulder Width: 41cm, Shirt Length: 61cm, Sleeve Length: 61cm)
  • S (Width of a garment: 50cm, Shoulder Width: 44cm, Shirt Length: 65.5cm, Sleeve Length: 64.5cm)
  • M (Width of a garment: 53cm, Shoulder Width: 46cm, Shirt Length: 68.5cm, Sleeve Length: 65.5cm)
  • L (Width of a garment: 56cm, Shoulder Width: 48cm, Shirt Length: 73.5cm, Sleeve Length: 67.5cm)
  • XL (Width of a garment: 58cm, Shoulder Width: 50cm, Shirt Length: 75.5cm, Sleeve Length: 69cm)
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