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The IGLOO DOWN JACKET4 has been updated with vibrant colors, reconstructing details and design elements to enhance water repellency, insulation, and comfort. This new model maintains an active profile while embodying a classic impression.

Constructed with lightweight 10×7D Nylon Sil Repellent processed ripstop nylon, this model follows an outdoor vintage concept with a sizing one step larger than the previous model. Its layered and voluminous design ensures ease of layering and maximizes the insulation properties of the down.

In line with the concept, details are updated to minimize the use of drawcords, employing shirred ribbing at the waist and cuffs for a stress-free and comfortable fit.

The large handwarmer pocket on the side is easily accessible and provides ample storage. With down filling on both sides (outer and inner), it excels in heat retention.

The front section prevents rain and wind penetration, featuring a wide draft tube on the inside to enhance insulation and wind resistance. Additionally, a down scarf around the collar and a hood with down filling contribute to excellent heat retention for the neck and head.

This down jacket is versatile, suitable for both town use and active outdoor scenarios.

The drawcord on the hood is replaceable when it becomes worn out or if you wish to change its color. If the excess rubber from tightening the hood bothers you, simply cut it to the desired length. To cut it, remove the joint part of the plastic parts, cut the part hiding within the plastic parts where the knob is, tie the cut part, and then fit the plastic parts back into their original shape. The joint part is not threaded, so unfold it by holding both ends.

Please note that, due to the nature of this product, some shedding of down or feathers may occur around the seams. Additionally, the thin nylon fabric may allow the visibility of down inside, occasionally presenting as black spots. These black spots are simply the result of colored feathers appearing dark through the thin fabric and are not indicative of any defects or stains.

The ultra-thin and extremely lightweight fabric used is so translucent that the down inside can be seen. In areas where fabric overlaps, such as seam allowances, the color may appear darker, but this is not a stain or defect. Your understanding is appreciated.

XS Body length80cm Chest60cm Sleeve length91.6cm
S Body length82cm Chest62cm Sleeve length93.8cm
M Body length84cm Chest64cm Sleeve length96cm
L Body length86cm Chest66cm Sleeve length97.7cm


Outer material10Dx7D Nylon/10Dx7D NYLON
liner Nylon
Down  Spanish duck down 90-10% (760FP) 
The amount of down 260g


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