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G55 Sarouel Flap Denim Pants "ONE WASH"

G55 Sarouel Flap Denim Pants "ONE WASH"

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NATAL DESIGN's representative classic denim pants have been cherished for about 15 years.

These are 8-pocket sarouel denim pants with a strong workwear vibe. They feature a new design with an apron flap on the back, creating a distinctive sarouel pants style. The pants have a relaxed fit around the thighs and a slightly shorter, tighter hem, resulting in a unique silhouette.

Additionally, the backside is equipped with large flap-style pockets, creating an impressive visual impact from the back.

To enhance comfort while wearing, we use stretch denim fabric, allowing for ease of movement despite the deep sarouel style. Despite the deep crotch, you can wear them comfortably without feeling restricted. Every detail, from stitching to distressing, is meticulously crafted by artisans in Okayama, a world-renowned denim-producing region.

  • 28inch (Waist: 76cm, Hip: 98cm, Rise: 38cm, Inseam: 54.5cm, Width of thigh: 59cm, Hem-width: 34cm)
  • 30inch (Waist: 78cm, Hip: 104cm, Rise: 38.5cm, Inseam: 56.5cm, Width of thigh: 61cm, Hem-width: 34cm)
  • 32inch (Waist: 84cm, Hip: 108cm, Rise: 40cm, Inseam: 57cm, Width of thigh: 62cm, Hem-width: 35cm)
  • 34inch (Waist: 90cm, Hip: 112cm, Rise: 40cm, Inseam: 58.5cm, Width of thigh: 64cm, Hem-width: 35cm)
  • 36inch (Waist: 94cm, Hip: 115cm, Rise: 42cm, Inseam: 59cm, Width of thigh: 65cm, Hem-width: 37cm)


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