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Inspired by the safety goggles that thrived in the bygone era of America, the BURROUGHS frames exude a vintage aesthetic. The subtly raised Natal Design logo adds a distinctive touch.

The quality gold-colored cable temples, reminiscent of safety goggles, and the large rounded design for eye protection create a unique frame silhouette that complements contemporary scenes. The cable temples ensure an exquisite fit and a secure structure, making them suitable for active movements.

With a minimalist design that eliminates unnecessary elements, these frames exude a poised presence, blending industrial aesthetics with a touch of elegance. Crafted in Sabae, Fukui, known for its quality throughout the cutting, assembly, and polishing processes.

Upon delivery, the frames come in an original case, accompanied by a custom cleaning cloth.

*Please note that frames may vary in color and pattern, as each piece is unique. The product image represents one variation, and the actual product may differ. Returns or exchanges due to individual differences in color are not accepted.

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